House Hunter Tips

Search the web for properties in your price bracket?

Based on your budget make a list of properties in your preferred area’s where you would like to  purchase your first home, make your wish list bearing in mind circumstances change over the years  (do you need to live close to Shops, Schools, bus stop? etc.)- do you want a south or west facing back garden.

We would advise that you both discuss and agree on the area-there is no point viewing property or making offers if your partner does not want to move there –discuss your deal breakers With the scarcity of property in the current market it is near impossible to find your dream home, so you many need to find a home that you are happy with and in time make it your dream home.


Make a list of all the properties that you feel will be of interest to you and are within your budget. Make the appointments, go along to view the house, take note of the condition of the house, does it need works, are all the windows double or treble glazed or old wood or aluminium that you will need to replace? Look for any obvious defects, establish is it mains services or bio-cycle /septic tank? Or well water. Find out if the area is subject to flooding or subsidence.


If there is subsidence in the area, inquire if the Vendor has insurance to cover this, if the Surveyors report in due course confirms there is an issueNarrow down the properties you have viewed that tick most of your boxes, and make a second appointment to view:


1 – View the house as it is today, Is there potential to extend in the future, if you need more



2 – Walk around the area, chat to the neighbours find out why the “owners are moving”, see

what amenities are available. Not any land which is undeveloped, check with the planning

department to establish if there are plans in place to develop this land etc.


3 – Be aware of the time of day, and the natural light coming into each room, in the house you

are viewing